Chainsaw Mondays was brought together to fulfill an itch in the back of Tim Baker's head. Raised on jazz music in his hometown of Plainfield, later immersing himself in the acoustic folk scene of Bloomington, he wanted to combine these styles with the classic electric power trio to create something able to scratch this new creative itch.  

Starting out as an electric trio with the motto "Loud, Slow and Mean", Tim worked on combining his earnest lyrics and heavy electric resonator fingerpicking with Michael Pruitt's authoritative bass and Scott Currie's articulate drums. This crafted the rhythm section into the rock solid foundation that the band needed.  

Now that the power trio had the classic folk styles, they needed horns to bring the jazz. Ben Fowlers' bari sax is a primal vibration, winding around the bass guitar to create a warm low end for the conversational rhythm of Aaron Comforty's trumpet, travelling in complementary and surprising melody lines.  

When all together on stage, this five piece brings together jazz, folk and garage rock into a unique dialogue, giving any audience a truly entertaining soundscape no matter if they came to sit back and listen, or to dance all night.

our self titled album

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Picked by Frankie Ferrel for the Best in Local Music 2015 edition of The Ryder:

"It is a new band but essentially Carpenter and Clerk added some great talent and instrumentation, kept the passion and fun of their earlier project, and put out a great album for 2015.  The result is a collection of songs that can sound brooding and pensive at times, and bursting with energy at others, but all the while leaving you feeling like you're sharing a joke with the band. Chainsaw Mondays is a great way to cut into the workaday dreariness of any week." --

Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band (

"On my first listen to Chainsaw Mondays' new self titled release, I was floored by the originality. It wasn't until the melodies were stuck in my head over the next few days that I realized just how catchy this record is. In a sea of copycat bands, Chainsaw Mondays is a creative breath of fresh air. This is danceable rock and roll music with a singer songwriter heart and a jazzy soul. It's worth your time to give it a listen." 


Host of "Locals Only" on WGRE, GFurr: 

"Having witnessed the Frankensteinian evolution of this powerhouse monster of a band, allow me to testify to the untethered intensity of the Loud, Slow, Mean... the steady intuitions of drums and bass slip complexity into the seemingly cozy rhythm... horns, baritone and trumpeting, grumble and stab alternately at your gut, evoking a bliss of satisfaction... but the buzz of the Chainsaw resounds most notably from the plugged-in resonator of bandleader Tim Baker's guitar and the punch of his emotionally raw lyrics and the delivery he gives them.  A worthy listen."